The skins that go into the making of our crocodile products come exclusively from our breeding farm, La Vanille Nature Park, at Rivière des Anguilles. Started in 1985 and set in a luxurious valley, this nature Park also accommodates numerous other species of animals and has become, over the years, one of the most visited tourist attractions in Mauritius.
The crocodiles farmed are Nile Crocodiles that originally came from a breeding farm in Madagascar.
Our products are available exclusively in Mauritius.  Only the very best specimens are selected for their skins. The selection is made when the animals are around four years old.
All these activities are carried out under the control of the C.I.T.E.S or Washington Convention
The skins are sent for tanning in Zimbabwe. This African country is among the best, reputed for its expertise in the tanning of skins.
The patience required to obtain mature crocodile, together with the experience acquired by our tanners over a period of thirty years, has enabled us to obtain skins of remarkable softness and color.
Only the best quality raw materials are entrusted to highly skilled Mauritian workers, whose nimble fingers cut the skins and create our products by hand. It takes them fifty-five hours, sometimes more, to work the two crocodile skins that are used in the making of one bag. A cheque-holder requires twenty-five hours of skilled work. It is a long and painstaking task, good quality crocodile skins are delicate to work with.
The special care which we take throughout the making of our articles ensures that they will still look good as they age, giving you satisfaction for years to come.
Thank you for the trust you have placed in us.


Our fine leather goods are manufactured mainly with skins from our Nile crocodiles bred at La Vanille Nature Park in Mauritius.  We can fully guarantee the excellent quality of all our crocodile leather. The manufacturing is then entrusted to a team of 50 craftsmen whose professional experience for top-of-the-range workmanship is well established.  Most of them have over 20 years of experience behind them, working under the guidance of a talented master leather craftsman.
Our partnership with the manufacturer enables us to completely control the quality of our products, assuring the finest standards in terms of finish, individuality and durability of our handbags, wallets and other accessories.
This will therefore ensure your enjoyment of our products for many many years to come.
Our crocodile breeding farm at La Vanille Nature Park is fully registered by CITES (Washington Convention).  Hence the full range of our activities: breeding, tanning and sale are carried out strictly according to the CITES rules.